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There is no field where a consumer is not exploited. All economic systems like capitalism, communism, socialism tried over the world have failed to give justice to consumers. It is therefore necessary for organizing the consumer and to provide in him a moral and spiritual strength to resist injustice, to voice descent and to boycott the corrupt, the cheater and the exploiter, without indulging in to the violence. ABGP has taken up this challenging role in this country.

2. Social control over economy:

The western consumerism is based only on artha and kama where as Indian philosophy is based on two other pillars called Dharm and Moksha.The prime aim of dharma is to resolve the two conflicting aims and activities of two  forces. One is represented by the market structure which includes manufacturer,.distributor, retailer, seller etc and other is force is represented by consumer. The conceptual principle which reconciles these two diametrically   opposing forces and regulates their behavioral pattern for mutual satisfaction is “ Dharma”, which ultimately leads to moksha. ABGP plans its strategy of work based on above principles. 

To create an ideal society with harmony in all sectors of economy like farmers, producers, sellers, consumers and the administrators.

To inculcate Indian ethos and values in the life of human beings and to make them an ideal well informed consumer who will always strive for,
1. Restrained consumption of everything.
2. Uniform distribution for all. And
3. Support increase in the production and supply.

In late 1970s, there was great restlessness due to social and political situation prevailing in the country. In the Pune city, a group of young social workers and leaders from various social forums, were organized together by late Shri. Bindu Madhav joshi. He was a freedom fighter, a graduate from SP college Pune, a sangh swayamsevak, and founder of Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat. In 1974, Mr. joshi, along with other eminent personalities like Sudhir Phadke, P.L.Deshpande, Prof. Dandekar, G.V.behere, and many other activists joined together to create “Yuvak Mahamandal Janata Grahak Sangh”. Some volunteers who joined this movement in 1974 like, Suryakant pathak, Thaksen pore, Dr.Ashok Kale etc are still with the organization handling various responsibilities.
Berfore diwali in the year 1974, first attempt to supply commodities required for festive seasons, through grahak sanghs created, was successful and an outstanding event in Pune. A boycott was declared for textile goods on Laxmi road, and movement volunteers labored to procure textile from producers and sale it to consumers at much cheaper rates. This was the beginning of movement called ABGP, which had its roots in the yuvak mahamandals. Jaiprakash Narayan who was leading a nationwide movement then, also blessed this movement during his visit to Pune. The formal inauguration of ABGP was done on 23 rd Dec 1975, at the hands of then Justice M.C.Chagla. In his inaugural speech he stated that what Pune thought today, India will thought subsequently. His words were proved correct, with the hard work under the leadership of late Bindu Madhav Joshi popularly known as Nana, and subsequent leaders, the movement reached more than 25 states, nearly 200 districts in the country by 2017.

Our ancient Indian Philosophy is founded by seers and the way of life has been ordained by them. We apply the same principles and values to consumer movement. We believe in thorough discussions and debate and the strategy and procedures for action programs for protecting consumer from exploitation. Our Indian philosophy guides us to use body, mind, intellect and soul in proper proportion, while undertaking any act of consumption. A self restrained consumer policy based on following three principles is our main area of function.

1. The consumer is king
2. Consumer is kingpin of democracy.
3. Consumer is a capital.
In other words, consumer consciousness has three aspects.
01. He is to be considered king of all economic transactions.
02. He is the pivot around which the wheel of democracy revolves.
03. He is the vital life breadth of the economy.

The four fold maxims of the Movement

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15 दिसंबर से शुरू हुए "ग्राहक जागरण पखवाडा"के अंतर्गत संभ्रांत महिलाओं एवं कामकाजी तथा विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में कार्य करने वाली महिलाओं से ग्राहकों की समस्याओं तथा उनके निराकरण के संबंध में बातचीत करने हेतु इस बैठक में इकट्ठा हुए बैठक की अध्यक्षता अखिल भारतीय ग्राहक पंचायत की महिला कार्यकर्ता एडवोकेट...
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