Is you doctor writing Generic drugs ?

Joint Secretary and CVO of Min of Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Manoj Jhalani, has issued a DO No. 7(13)/2014-NHM-I dated 18/04/2017 and instructed all State Govt. that Mrdical Council of India vide notification No. MCI-211(2)/2016(ethics)/131118 Dated 8/10/2016  instructed all Doctors/physicians that they have to prescribe only generic names of medicine ( not brand name).

Govt also instructed all State Govt and Union Territories to strictly complications of this notification for getting medicines at cheaper rates to patients.

Hence all Consumers are requested to ensure that your doctor has prescribed only generic drug only. If your Doctor has prescribed brand name and due to that you have to pay high rate for medicines then please make complaint to Medical Council of India and ensure that Doctor is being penalised by MCI.

All are requested to visit our Website ( get lot of information about consumer rights and solving problems.

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श्री मनोज झालनी, जाँईंट सेक्रेटरी, आरोग्य और फॅमीली वेलफेअर, भारत सरकार ने सभी राज्य सरकारोंको आदेश दिया है की भारतके मेडिकल कौन्सील ने नोटिफिकेशन जारी करके सभी डाॅक्टर केवल जनरीक औषधिका नामहि रुग्णको लिखकर दे। ईसका पालन हो रहा है ईसपर ध्यान दे।

सभी रुग्ण ग्राहकोको सुचीत कीया जाताहै की अगर कोई डाॅ ईसका पालन नही कर रहे है तो उनकी शिकायत मेडिकल कौन्सीलको करे।
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ग्राहक हेतु पर व्हीसीट करे।

अखिल भारतीय ग्राहक पंचायत ,
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हर सोमवार, मंगलवार,बुधवारऔर शुक्रवार
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