Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat

About us

Akhil Bhartiya grahak Panchyat​

The founder of this movement late Shri. Bindu madhav Joshi alias Nana was a staunch sangh swyamsevak. After well establishment of the ABGP in Maharashtra, he planned to expand it in entire country and sought support from RSS team to provide volunteers in new places. The Sangh management has supported the movement by providing large number of volunteers in various states and have also deputed it’s full time volunteers called Pracharaks to this movement. As a result the movement has spread all over the country. At present we have four full time pracharaks working in New Delhi, Orissar, Madhya Pradesh and Tamilnadu. We also have a a senior swyamsevak as Margdarshak for the ABGP continuously.


However the management of the ABGP is an independent affair of volunteers and RSS has no role to play in its administration. As ABGP believes in the fact that every human being is a consumer since birth to death, it always tries to reach all sections of the society irrespective of cast, creed and religion.

Since 1975 we have created Garuda as our logo and the words “Grahak Panchayat” as our brand short name. As it has acquired popularity all over the nation, in order to prevent it’s multiple use by others, both these logo and words ”grahak Panchayat” were protected under copy right act.
Although the copyright act protection was obtained in the name of Late Bindu Madhav Joshi as an individual, it is the fact that since 1975 till to date these were used by ABGP only in all communications, printing etc. Therefore no other NGO can use these words and logo without explicit permission from ABGP. Few such instances have come to the notice in the country, which are being dealt with legally by ABGP.

To inculcate Indian ethos and values in the life of human beings and to make them an ideal well informed consumer who will always strive for,
1. Restrained consumption of everything.
2. Uniform distribution for all. And
3. Support increase in the production and supply.

To create an ideal society with harmony in all sectors of economy like farmers, producers, sellers, consumers and the administrators. They are treated as “ Panchprana” of society by us.

In late 1970s, there was great restlessness due to social and political situation prevailing in the country. In the Pune city, a group of young social workers and leaders from various social forums, were organized together by late Shri. Bindu Madhav joshi. He was a freedom fighter, a graduate from SP college Pune, a sangh swayamsevak, and founder of Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat. In 1974, Mr. joshi, along with other eminent personalities like Sudhir Phadke, P.L.Deshpande, Prof. Dandekar, G.V.behere, and many other activists joined together to create “Yuvak Mahamandal Janata Grahak Sangh”. Some volunteers who joined this movement in 1974 like, Suryakant pathak, Thaksen pore, Dr.Ashok Kale etc are still with the organization handling various responsibilities.
Berfore diwali in the year 1974, first attempt to supply commodities required for festive seasons, through grahak sanghs created, was successful and an outstanding event in Pune. A boycott was declared for textile goods on Laxmi road, and movement volunteers labored to procure textile from producers and sale it to consumers at much cheaper rates. This was the beginning of movement called ABGP, which had its roots in the yuvak mahamandals. Jaiprakash Narayan who was leading a nationwide movement then, also blessed this movement during his visit to Pune. The formal inauguration of ABGP was done on 23 rd Dec 1975, at the hands of then Justice M.C.Chagla. In his inaugural speech he stated that what Pune thought today, India will thought subsequently. His words were proved correct, with the hard work under the leadership of late Bindu Madhav Joshi popularly known as Nana, and subsequent leaders, the movement reached more than 25 states, nearly 200 districts in the country by 2017.